Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travel Log: Thursday, June 27, Jamu Lodge, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

We started the day with a 7:00 am taxi to the airport. The girls have been super excited the past few days, since they re-united with their cousins Lucas and Sarah and their Aunt Karen and Aunt Sue. We've been doing some site seeing in Quito, and sharing meals at restaurants, both "typical" and "international." With this crowd, we've had a kids table and an adults table, which keeps everyone happy.

Our flight to Lago Agrio was a quick one - probably about 30 minutes (compared to 10 hours by bus). At Lago Agrio we boarded a small bus with other travelers and headed towards Jamu Lodge, driving about 2 1/2 hours. This part of the jungle reminds me of the Guatemalan coastal region. We passed thru numerous small and newish towns - there is a lot of oil in this part of the jungle, and the towns are probably related to this.

At the end of the road we boarded a long, narrow motorized canoe. Our group of 8 sat two abreast and, along with our driver, guide and cargo, filled the boat. On our two hour trip down the Rio Cuyabeno, we saw 3 different monkey species, numerous birds and bats. About 20 minutes after the river emptied into a large lagoon, we turned into the dock for the Jamu Lodge.

The lodge itself is all wood construction, with thatched roofs, Light in the rooms is from candles, and solar cells provide additional power for lighting in the common areas and kitchen.

After settling in, we got back into the canoes for a sunset cruise to the lagoon. We saw a "stinky turkey" and some river dolphins. We finished a refreshing swim shortly before a beautiful sunset.

Now at night, the almost full moon is illuminating the woods, and the myriad sounds of the jungle lull me to sleep.

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