Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travel Log: Friday, June 28, Jamu Lodge

Our day started with a boat ride to a hike thru the jungle. This whole environment is so different. On our ride out we saw river dolphins, "anhingas," cormorants, stinky turkeys and long nose bats. On the hike we saw "quita calzones" ants, which swarmed out of their nests to cover our hands when placed on the the nest, and once we got rid of them all, provided (so they say) a natural insect repellent. We also saw lots of vines, bromeliads and mud (thank goodness for our "siete vidas" or knee high rubber boots that the lodge provided).

In the afternoon the adults went for a self guided canoe ride in a dugout canoe while the kids went out in a kayak, and swung from vines into the water. We all went for out again in the motorized canoe, and went piranha fishing (Lucas caught two) and after dark, saw caymans and tree boas.

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