Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Log, Tuesday, June 8, Lima to Cuzco

We had to get up kind of early this morning for our flight from Lima to Cuzco. We arrived around 11:00 and found a hotel near Plaza San Blas. At almost 11,000 ft, Cuzco is high enough to take your breath away, even for us, acclimatized to 8,500 ft in Cuenca. Or perhaps it was the 2 days we spent at sea level (Lima and Guayaquil) that thickened our blood. Anyway, I'm a bit out of breath.

Cuzco is a beautiful old city, with lots of narrow pedestrian alleyways and churches and plazas. Itis also incredibly touristy, with prices to match the demand. This applies to hotels and restaurants, as well as entrance fees. ($8.00 to go into the Cathedral!, $46 for a pass to about 10 archeological sites in and around Cuzco and a couple museums, up from $20 just 2 years ago.) Most of the store fronts in the historic district house art galleries or artesian shops (sweaters, paintings, etc.) The trick seems to be to focus on the architecture and not the stores inside.

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