Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Log, Monday, June 7, Lima

We woke up early to get to the airport at 6:00 for our 8:00 am flight to Lima, Peru. We arrived about 9:30, got to jump to the head of the immigration line (thanks to our kids) and got a green light when we pressed the button on the baggage review - meaning we were allowed to walk right out! We skipped the official airport taxis and walked to the main street outside the airport where we got one into town for about 60% of the cost, or about $7.00. (The exchange rate, although it was as high as $3.30 soles per dollar, is currently about $2.80 soles per dollar.)

We got to our hotel in the historic center (a 300 year old building FILLED with art, both old religious paintings, the owner's impressionist-style works, and statues and paintings purchased from friends and art students) and headed out to see the changing of the guard at the presidential palace, a few blocks away. Lots of ceremony, with formally dressed guards and a military band behind the gates, and police in riot gear in front of the gates. After lunch, the girls decided to have some down time, so Debby and I wandered around town. The center is free of buses, which keeps down the noise and pollution. This part of Lima is quite nice, with a nice mix of old architecture, and fairly non-descript buiildings. Although historic, it is also a modern city with lots of consumer goods and shops.

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