Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Log, Monday, June 14, Ollantaytambo

We got up somewhat early today (6:30) to have breakfast at our hospedaje, and explore the main ruins in town before the tour buses started to arrive. It is a large site, with residential, agricultural, ceremonial and miltary sectors. After you enter the site, you climb through terraced agricultural land to the Temple of the Sun, a large structure made of large, highly carved and polished stones. We continued to climb, to a structure high on an outcropping that provided views up three valleys. The structure has 4 large trapezoidal nitches on one side - my theory is that they once housed gold statues visible from miles away. Coming down from this "Inkawatana" we dropped into a residential area with a ceremonial fountian. A guard told me that this residential area was burried by a mud slide, and relocated across the river to the sector which is still used today, the sector we walked thru yesterday.

After lunch (and ice cream) Debby and I walked down to the Albergue, a nice B & B run by the sister of a collegue of Debby's. She is a fascinating woman, an artist, who first arrived in Peru 30 years ago in a dugout canoe, paddling thru the jungle from Ecuador.

By the way, no paro today.

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