Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School, Sept 8, 9

After many days of running around getting text books, uniforms, and school supplies (which I have a nagging feeling we still have not successfully completed) the big day finally arrived. The first day of school, the "inauguracion," was really more for the parents than for the kids. (In fact, we read in the paper that government offices allowed parents to come in late on the first day of school so that they could attend opening day activities at their kids schools.) The girls dressed in their "uniformes de gala," their dress uniforms, a plaid, pleated dress, black tights and black leather shoes. We all took a taxi to school, loaded down with books and supplies, most of which we ended up bringing back.

The real first day of school, the day they go on their own, on the bus, was today. Sports uniforms today - sweat pants, a polo shirt, and a sweat jacket. I've been pretty worried about how they would do, especially Nikki, who hasn't been speaking much Spanish, but of course it was fine. Mia came back bubbling about new friends she has met, and during an afternoon walk with me (to buy more supplies) she spent most of the hour talking to me in Spanish! And Nikki, although she was typically reluctant to admit to enjoying herself, spent most of her afternoon facepainting the neighbor girls, and talking to them in Spanish! I think they are going to be alright!

So now I guess it really is time for Debby and me to figure out what we are going to do with ourselves. The bus comes at 7:00 and they don't get back until around 2:30.... Hmmm, stay tuned.

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