Monday, August 10, 2009

We've Arrived!

Our first day in Ecuador. Arrived in Quito around 10:00 last night after leaving our hotel in Burlington at 4:00 am! I had been very unclear of what to expect, but walking out of the airport it all came back. Although I've never been to Ecuador before, the feeling was familiar - similar to travels I've done in other parts of Latin America.

Today we explored the old part of Quito. Moving very slowly as we accustom ourselves to 9,300 feet above Seattle. We explored a very beautiful church called ... We climbed into the bell towers for amazing views of the city.

Today is Quito's independence day, so many shops are closed, and many people are in the streets, which are free of cars.

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  1. Go Loseff/Heaths go! It is not hard to imagine that heady feeling of being away in a foreign place with no real agenda but exploration. Im glad that you will blog this!